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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is it a bird it a plane it a drone ...or is it a Flying Mullah.....NOOOOOOO....its the stock markets ....LOOK at them CRASHHH

LOOK at the post below . Yesterday I told that we are doing the vth of this C wave . Yesterday we completed ( ii ) and had just started ( iii ). See the PLUNGE today. Absolute massacre .We opened GAP down and then no stopping. When the bears have their day even the best of the bulls are no match . Massive 545 points fall in BSE and 174 point fall in NSE. Dont worry . Bulls will have their day. But we still have a long way to fall.

5300 PUTS were selling for .60 paise today . At the end of the day it was 29 rupees!!!!!!!!! Lucky bastard whoever got that.

We will be filling that GAP on our way up.

But till then , happy shorting. Thanks.

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