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Friday, March 4, 2011

Some Pretty Charts

Now lets see where we are in the Nifty .

( iii ) was 178.6% extension of ( i ). ( ii ) retraced almost 78.6 % of  ( i ). I have put up the ( iii ) line showing the Fibonacci ratios. The ( iv ) will most probably retrace 50% of  ( iii ), i.e 5679..  Most probably by Monday itself.That means we are going to see a120+ point rally in the Nifty. It touches that upper trend line or there might be a false break-out , only to reverse back violently . Libya is boiling again after cooling down last week and Oil soaring . These will be the news blamed for the Massive sell-off coming.

The Gartley here shows a trend change at 5697--5725 levels.

 The WolfeWaves red line showing a target of 5000 area .

So , first target 5679 , and then head down for a big fall next week . I cant wait for that . thanks

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