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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nifty :Target forecasting (5599---???)

So Nifty has broken out as expected yesterday . But now how high we might go. We have to remember that a correction is almost due. So I thought i will try to forecast  a target with this nice method of mine .

No suppose we correct from whatever level we reach , most probably we are correcting upto the mathematical ratio of 33% . 233 SMA touch  is also a high probability . So I placed both 233 SMA and 33% retracement on the chart . Funny , both are at the exact same level. No if we look at the 0 level, that comes to 5599. So that should be our target 5599. By this week .



  1. Pls suggest on call and put options in Nifty for next 10 days. Wot s ur call, wot levels on nifty would be advisable?

  2. Buy PUTS next week ....only MARCH contracts.....we should see some decent correction starting might also Buy FRIDAY EOD..