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Friday, December 2, 2011

Nifty --Short opportunity

The dollar is finding good resting place . I mentioned the parallel channel a few posts back.

Here is one very interesting chart. I have added the bollinger band in the daily chart for 34 period.
Everytime since nov 2010, when the markets came down hugely , it retraced for some days to touch the mid level bollinger band. These points are marked by down arrows. Then again it came down atleast 75% to touch the lower bollinger band. This time NIFTY has stopped exactly at the mid level bollinger band.

Lower Bollinger band currently stands at 4680 . That could be one of the target if we go down from here.

And then we have actually 2 GAPs to fill .

One gets filled at 4833 and other gets filled at 4730. I am waiting for a target of atleast 4830 on this down move . (But what do I know , markets can go straight up from here and I will end up with plenty of holes in my pocket)

The dollar just pricked the channel support line and then is UP substantially . So are the  US 30 year treasuries. If the dollar stays at the same place where it closed last friday , I expect Nifty to open at leats 50 points lower.

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