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Thursday, December 8, 2011


I had noticed this nice Wolfe Wave on Wipro . I thought when NIFTY comes down a bit from that 5050 level , wipro will fall a bit tooand  I would post it as BUY . But this did not fall even today . Targets in the chart. Some people might wait for it to fall to 380-390 level and then buy . But cannot say anything about that .

Next stock is GE SHipping . With Oil going high and threat of a war in the ME, shipping cost too should increase. This stock has not one but 2 wolfe waves . But for the time being one might target the lower target area.


Eveready is already corrected to much lower levels. Now the support level lies very close at 24 while the stock is now trading at 26.30.
Like GE Shipping , 2 wolfe waves seen. This looks like a good buy at these levels.


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