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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nifty :--Pattern Watch

So ..are we doing that move towards 6200 from here or is there (little)more fall.....before we go for a rally...
in the post below i said we are doing a consolidation before we head for a Major 350 + pointer rally....I had shorted at 5950 level ..but this thing went some 80 odd points more than I thought.....Added more shorts at higher levels...

So look at the 2004  chart again....see the area which is underlined with red Horizontal bar...

And see a smaller fractal....the 1 minute chart from 21st sep when we saw a big 160+ point blast ....area marked between 2 horizontal bars....

So  the NIFTY pathway that's on my mind is shown by BLUE lines...

So that means more fall till 5840...and then we rally ....what do u think...lets see...


  1. NIFTY 28-Jan-2013
    Current Market Situation :

    NIFTY current close : 6075
    NIFTY resistance level : 6158
    NIFTY support level : 5912
    NIFTY sentiment : positive
    NIFTY dominant cycle period : 19 days

    Levels Tomorrow :

    NIFTY intraday resistance 1 : 6100
    NIFTY intraday resistance 2 : 6129
    NIFTY intraday resistance 3 : 6172

    NIFTY intraday support 1 : 6049
    NIFTY intraday support 2 : 6020
    NIFTY intraday support 3 : 5978

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